Custom Home Builders in Oakville

Ruso Development is one of the leading custom home builders in Oakville and throughout the GTA. Our team of trusted professionals offers exemplary service and delivers quality builds no matter the project. Whether you’re working on a new home construction project or custom home renovations, it is our mission to bring you quality results that exceed your expectations every time.

Do you need a trusted home builder to design your dream home or build your cottage in Muskoka, Canada? Did you buy land and need a reliable company to create a budget for its development? If you’re in the GTA (Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton, Etobicoke, or Muskoka), Ruso Development is at your service.

Why Choose Ruso Development for Oakville Custom Homes

  • - Superior Workmanship
    Custom homes need stellar designs and the highest standard of craftsmanship to be both aesthetically pleasing and able to withstand the test of time. Our commitment to the craft will ensure that we will exceed your expectations no matter what they are.
  • - Experience
    Ruso Development has a long history of successful projects and years of experience under our belt. We have left our footprint in the GTA neighbourhoods and have made our mark in the local construction industry.
  • - Trust and Transparency
    Our team of luxury home builders is not only handy when it comes to the actual construction work. We also make it a priority to be transparent and establish a good rapport with all our clients. We are warm, welcoming, and honest — you can trust us to work with you and for you, with the sole purpose of turning your vision into reality.
  • - Communication
    Communication is key when building a quality on budget custom home. The entire process requires considerable back-and-forth between you and our team. In order for us to meet your requirements and deliver your desired results. We have also made sure to establish strong and open lines of communication within our team. Such measures allow us to identify any potential problems early on so we can resolve them as quickly as possible. I guarantee it.
  • - On Budget

    We understand that you have a budget in mind. Our team will work with you so we have a clear picture of what you want before we settle on a final budget. Rest assured that we will stick to that budget while also providing you with craftsmanship of the highest quality of service.

  • - On Time

    Efficiency is at the core of what we do. We make sure to deliver projects in a timely manner. Expect an 8 to 10 months turnaround time for custom-built homes in Oakville.

  • - Flexibility
    No matter what stage of the project you’re at — whether you’ve started the building process, have hired an architect to commence the drawing phase, or have just purchased a lot — we’re here for you every step of the way.

We will determine the next step depending on the status of your project. If you’ve already commissioned an architect, we can jump right in and offer advice on the design; or we can refer an architect to you if you don’t already have one.

Tarion Warranty Guaranteed

tarion logoWe want you to have peace of mind building your dream home. With Tarion, newly minted home buyers are granted their rightful coverage within the statutory warranty framework outlined in the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. 

The warranty includes:

  • Safeguarding Deposits
  • 1-2 Year Warranties for Work and Material Defects
  • 7-Year Warranty for Significant Structural Flaws
  • Compensation for Closing or Occupancy Delays
  • Financial Loss Insurance For Contract Homes
  • Protection Against Unapproved Substitutions
  • Coverage for Shared or Communal Areas in Condominium Buildings

While the statutory warranty protection is extensive, it doesn't encompass every possible scenario. There are inherent limitations and exclusions within the warranty coverage. Prospective homeowners are strongly advised to acquaint themselves with the extent of warranty protection by perusing the Tarion website and the Homeowner Information Package.

We Are Your Trusted Oakville Custom Home Builders

If you need luxury custom home builders near you, get in touch with Ruso Development.

As an experienced and dependable custom home builder, our process includes an in-depth consultation where we use a 7-page questionnaire to help us understand your vision and goals. We are committed to delivering the desired results in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.

rusbo build
Call us at 416.417.8171 for more information.

Our Services

The process begins with a thorough consultation so we can better understand your vision, requirements, and expectations. We take into account the stage you’re at in the home building process. If you have an architect and preliminary drawings, we can step in to provide further guidance on the design to optimize functionality and aesthetics. Otherwise, we can refer you to an architect.
Site Inspection
After the initial consultation, we will inspect the site to assess the conditions and constraints of the plot. Our team will evaluate factors such as topography, accessibility, utilities, and potential challenges that may impact the design and construction process. This will allow us to develop a plan to deal with these factors before construction commences.
We understand that staying within budget is a crucial aspect of any custom home building project. Our team will collaborate with you to establish a realistic budget based on your desired outcome. We maintain open lines of communication and provide transparent cost estimates to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your project.
One of our key areas of expertise is efficient project management. Once the design and budget are finalized, we will create a detailed construction schedule that outlines the various milestones and timelines. This schedule allows for effective coordination of resources, so the construction progresses smoothly and in a timely manner.
We boast a highly skilled, experienced, and reputable team of craftsmen and builders who work diligently to bring your design to life. We make it our mission to pay meticulous attention to detail, deliver quality workmanship, and adhere to building codes and regulations, resulting in a home of exceptional quality completed on time and on budget.
Building your home is only the beginning of a long-term relationship. We offer comprehensive aftercare services even after you’ve moved into your new home. This allows us to address any post-construction concerns, offer maintenance advice, and provide warranty support. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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